The hammock works of the “Swinging series” were created and oil-painted on standard sized canvas.

What makes them unique is the extension of the hammock beyond the canvas. This adds a third dimension and a feeling of tension to the works.

The extension of the hammock is also made of canvas, and painted and folded to make it match with the colors and folds within the painting.

This type of work is considered mixed-media because of the combination of painting and material. 

Each original painting takes between one and two months to complete. The beginning of the piece is sketched with pencil, and then it is hand painted by brush-No airbrush. The colors are so well blended in the painting, that you can barely see the strokes.

The cloth is measured to fit the size of the hammock in the picture; then is cut, sawed, attached to the painting, and painted.



PAINTINGS ON GALLERY can be made smaller or bigger to fit any space in your home or office.

PERSONALIZED WORKS can be custom made to include any person you would like in it. There are two possibilities to get it made.

Custom Photographic Work: A personalized photographic session can be arranged to capture images of  the person who will be in the picture, or it can be created from your existing photographs. The chosen picture will be edited in the computer and printed on canvas. Then, it will be stretched and will have the same process of the extension of the hammock mentioned on description of work.

As an example, I used a picture taken of my son, my dog, and me, and this is how it looks after the whole process. 

The price range of this work runs between $500.00 to $1,000.00, depending on the size, and it will take two to three weeks to be finished.

Custom Original Painting: The second option is a one-of-a-kind work of art, which starts by a photographic session, but the picture will only be used as reference. The painting will be created from scratch with oils on canvas. This type of work will take about two months to be finished and the price ranges begin at $5,000.00. A few factors that will determine the final price include size and the number of people that the painting will include.


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